Nano Blast™ Natural Cannabis-Infused Gummies

  • KT California™ Nano Blast™ Gummies are Natural Flavored Gel Edibles Infused with small, water-soluble Cannabinoids that allow you to feel the onset of effects faster, within about 10-15 minutes with rapid absorption precision.

Natural Mixed Fruit Flavors

100 Mg Per Jar / 10 Gummies

10 mg –Per Single Serving

NanoBlast™ Water Soluble THC Powder

KT California™ Nano Blast™ plans to introduce our Nano-Infusion Technology THC Powder that users can add to their favorite beverages.

Our NanoBlast™ Rapid Absorption is a Rapid acting THC dissolvable Flavorless Powder that is Powered by Nano-Encapsulating Technology.

NanoBlast™ has an Onset time of 15-20 minutes and offers our customers the option to consume this with your favorite food or beverage. No Flavor

 -30 Servings/ 10 mg per Serving